Thursday, 10 January 2013

1st Blog Of Year

11th Jan 2013

1st Blog Of The Year

Well where do I start? It seems like there are a lot of people wanting me to blog in past few days as I have been getting views on my empty page blog.  I never have the time to write a complete novel as I was revising for my Science exam where I am hoping to get a C.  I did do my best, I gave it my all & that is all I can do.

So here I am start of 2013, where it has not been too bad to be honest, life throws me lemons & I make lemonade.  This is true for all life experiences to be honest, no matter what life throws at you no need to stress or rant about it with mates etc.  Just learn to let it go & be yourself, at the end of the day we are all here for a reason.  If you cannot get through this life then how will you ever handle or cope with the after life?

I am not 100% religious but I do believe in one God, I believe there is God.  Regardless of who & what you believe, having that belief in that God is enough to get you through anything in life.  I am here not to question God but to learn how & why things are as it is today.  For instance we came to this world with nothing, no clothes, no money, absolute nothing.  We came with loving Mothers & Fathers, take some time out to think about this:

Why is it that there is money on this world?
Why is it that there is money for wars but cannot feed the poor?
Why is it that people like JFK, Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson & Aaliyah have all been murdered for having the same cause & murdered after having a public speech about  corruption?
Why is it that we are hurting one another, but we all bleed the same?
Why is it that we (tax payers) pay the police but yet abuse us?
Why is it that we have to earn when we had 0.00 to begin with?
Why is it that women have lost respect to what is known to having power than men did 30yrs ago?
Why is it that women think they have more then the man can ever have in life?

There is so much corruption in the world today, yes this is true just look at Julian Assange & Jesse Ventura & Google search Raj Meister who is a guy who believes the truth should be FREE & that people should know what really is happening across the globe that you will not here on the bias mainstream media.

We pay for TV license here in UK it is a shambles as there is nothing but BBC & SKY scandals 24/7.  But we pay for it, you see people have become brain-dead into thinking you have to pay for these necessities but in actual fact you DO NOT need to.  Paying tax is optional as there is no statue all of this comes under "Your Strawman" I have the legal documents & proved it to HMRC who agree but end the call saying "This conversation is not getting any where so I am ending it."  Under whose authority do they have to hang up on me? But it is a phone call, if this was face to face they would have to answer my queries without hanging up.

I also hear on the news about floods, snow, global warming, world is going to collapse.  Truth is Mother Nature is no longer in power, you see since women think they have more leadership in this world.  The men decided to have Man Made - Mother Nature & calling it H.A.A.R.P, this is true & does exist for what was right reasons until the American government saw its potentials.  H.A.A.R.P is well known to many theorists, but please DO NOT take their advices but feel free to entertain this at your leisure as it is based in Alaska & is shielded & protected quite militarised.

There is also a base in Leeds called Menwith Hill which is underground just like Area 51, but what they won't tell you is that it is here in UK so that it can manipulate people into thinking that there is nothing going on with these big golf balls but inside them are big satellite dishes screening anything they wish from other satellites around the world.  They block, they see, they witness, they control too much in that "little" space.  Let me tell you something, it has over 20 floors underground & it is NOT a RAF centre as the British claims to be.  RAF have nothing to do with that it is however of course a USA base then it is a UK base.

But like I stated do not take my advice or theory into these balls, but please have an open mind about what really is going around you then what the media clearly is brainwashing you people.  Do not be "Sheeple" as this is a common name for those who do nothing but are in the cycle of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm & two days to rest.  No time for nothing, no time to research, no time to yourself & no time into realising what the TRUTH really is.  

Films to watch so that you people know that all the above does exist & that the industry make you believe it is nothing than a movie.  If that was the case then why is it that you wBill never see these movies ever again on your TV set?

Conspiracy Theory Starring - Mel Gibson
Independence Day Starring - Will Smith
Enemy Of The State Starring - Will Smith & Gene Hackman 
V For Vendetta Starring - Hugo Weaving 
Gamer Starring - Gerard Butler
Shooter Starring - Mark Wahlberg
Tears Of The Sun Starring - Bruce Willis
Cradle To The Grave
Starring - Jet Li, DMX
Bunraku Starring - Woody Harrelson
Immortals Starring - Henry Cavill
The Long Kiss Goodnight Starring - Samuel L. Jackson
Matrix Starring - Keanu Reeves

All of the above movies will no longer be shown on your TV set ever again, DVD's are cheap so I would suggest to buy them, if some of these are high in value, ask yourself why this is?

The 1st five are about real life situations, they are not imaginary at all what you see & what you hear are all facts in life.  Get the subtitles on it is there for a reason you will be surprised what you will miss by not hearing the actors & the background people but it is there in subtitle.  You will need the subtitle especially for "The Long Kiss Goodnight."

Gamer, Shooter & Tears Of The Sun are all about being in the wrong place & the wrong time.  These films have made me look three times more into life then what I did see it as when I didn't watch these movies.  Movies you can say shouldn't have an impact but I say that is nonsense.  I am not brain dead nor am I brainwashed into all these soaps, dramas, you all see on TV.  You say I am brainwashed by what I say.  I say you are all brain dead for watching your soaps & dramas & have a "hissy fit" because you forgot to record your soaps or your plus box didn't record it & have to watch it online etc.  You men & women are kidding yourselves & this society is ruined by your actions & your thoughts. 

You cannot tell me I am wrong, you cannot tell me this is not true.  I know it is I see it all day, Eastenders, Neighbours, Star Plus, Home & Away, X Factor, BGT, Big Brother.  All of these are existance to manipulate with false hope of the world as you see it & to turn your brain into their control.  Congratulations into raising horrible sons & daughters into this life, then you cry & in pain when your son or daughter physically abuses you or say they are pregnant or have STD's.

Eastenders is an absolute boring drama soap, you have Muslims drinking, you have Christians fighting, arguing over petty rubbish.  It is an absolute garbage & yet people are brainwashed into it.  Muslims cannot drink but you got the prophets name Mohammed used as a character drinking Alcohol, you got love for the black people but no love for the Christians apart from owning Bars & laundry service.  Asian people used to own  corner shops but I guess Indians are not important in Eastenders but Muslims are because they are terrorists!
You people got lot to learn, Muslims are terrorists ok, do I need to remind you that Sikhs were the first known in the History books of blowing up Air India Flight 182 in 1985.  All these government terrorists exist because it is there to have fear in people.  Osama Bin Laden assumed to be dead on 1st May alongside Adolf Hitler who also died on 1st May 1945.  Think what you like but before you do please do watch the Samuel L Jackson movie so that you will have some knowledge.

You all have brain cells, you choose to drink & to intoxicate your body with harmful substances & choose to do bad things in life, ask yourself why:

What is the benefits? 
What do you gain? 
What do you achieve? 
Why is it addictive?

A film which is so good I am sad that there is no more continuous of the film "SAW" it has to be said.  The Film SAW is an absolute ace film no words can express how I feel about this film.  I know its bloody, I know its guts & gore.  But remember the plot & what the storyline is, it is a great film to get into & again it is about "Life Experience" I know what I am talking about as I  relate to all these movies.

Now we come to the Matrix, this film will make you think a lot.  I know it is not a movie to easy to understand which is why I am going to explain this movie as much as I can.  The Matrix is based on this life, the air that you breathe, the choices you make in life, brain dead, wasted life.

You have read what I have stated so do take in consideration that the Matrix is about your life & how you make decisions in life or would you continue to be brain dead & assume all of this is garbage?

Well that is me, the 1st ever blog in 2013 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have typing.

God Bless & Gods Peace To All.