Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Holy Book Preaches Same Message

 Same Messages in Every Holy Book

Morning people, its nice to see another sunny day if you take away the H.A.A.R.P wrongdoings but hey no machine is perfect!

Apart from the sunny days we should have across the globe, and take away the machines earthquake control, and lets take away the wrongful wars in Eastern countries just because of oil which soon will be run out.  Guess what we would have if you took all these away?

You would of course have the perfect world in which humanity would be equal and loved.  But whoever it was to take the bite of the apple, we now have to pay for the consequences but do not be mistaken as what happened to Gods creation should not effect us.

But the Almighty is always looking down, no matter what belief you are.  I was speaking to someone the other day and got to know about other beliefs and holy books out there that we all seen and maybe read.

I came to an understanding that the Almighty does send the same message, you may disagree with me but it is true just speak to those who are not corrupted so called 'religious people' as the person I spoke to yesterday loves God as he is.  Passion for Christ, understanding what the holy bible does state along with other religions.  This is why there are similarities in some religions, but if we all understood the holy books, we would all be waiting for Christ to come down all as one.

Open your mind and soul before it is too late, even people that have anger issues, addiction problems, drug abusers etc.  Know one thing that God cannot change who you are as he created every human with a brain and a soul.  It is down to us to control our minds and to stop these evil thoughts and wrongdoings as it is done by the Devil. 

Be careful what you say to others, be careful who you harm but do not realise it.  I am not here preaching about one religion, I am here telling you to understand your holy books.  Because it sends the same message, as for me I am a Spiritual person where I accept and acknowledge what I need to in life.

People have come to respect me for that, but if you cannot respect my wishes, well Day of Judgement is in every holy book, so I suggest you leave individuals alone in their understandings and look at yourself before you look at others.

God Bless, 

- Prince Raj