Monday, 4 March 2013

True Friendship

 True Friendship Never Dies

Its True That Friends Come & Go, But One Thing Is A True Fact.  If They Leave & Step Out Of The Circle, I Do Not Retaliate; Because Its Their Sign Of Weakness.  I Do Not Have Weakness Nor Have I Got Room In My Precious Life For Your Weakness, So Please Leave If You Are Weak, Bias & Have No Wide Broadening.  You Will Not Find The Answer Nor The Right Path By Me, Because You Need To Change Yourself & That I Have No Time For.

The Creator Is Where We Are All From, We All Agree So I Suggest You Do Not Blame The Creator For What The Devil Is Doing Within You.  When You Get Angry, Mad, Have Evil Thoughts, Filthy Mind etc.  This Is The Devil Within Us All.  Do Not Preach To God For Change, Preach Within Your Soul & Mind & Give What It Needs. 

Meditation & Free Spirit, It Is Not A Quick Fix, But The Changes Will Be Shown Through Your Abundance & The People Close To You Will Not Only See This But Will Show More Respect & Love For You.  Please Do It Soon Rather Than Later, Life Is Precious Look Around You & Sink In The Positives & Not The Negatives.  Making Bad Decisions Is A Part Of Life. Blaming OTHERS For Your Bad Decisions Is IMMATURE.

I Do Not Care If People Go Out Of My Circle, You Don't Need Me Which Is Why You Left.  What Makes You Think I Need You?

People Have Come In My Life & Stayed, Those People Have Been Weak But They Realise It & Work With Me To Become A Better Person, I Suggest One Thing; Come Into My Life With Open Arms But If You Leave, You Take Away Nothing From Me But Pain & Guilt Because That Is All You Are Worth. 

If You Know Me For Years, I Feel Sorry For You Because The Almighty God Made You Cross Path Into My Life.  You Done Me Wrong, Good Luck To You On Judgement Day, As My Life & My Wrongdoings Have Been Looked At But I Am Making Amense. 

Question Is What Have You Done To Make Things Right?

God Bless.

- Prince Raj