Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Real Truth About Girls & Boys In The 21st Century

In A Girl's Life...

-You Meet A Boy. 
-He's Exactly What You Wanted. 
-You Make Him Your World. 
-He Breaks Your Heart In Half. 
-He Acts Like he Wants You Back. 
-He Makes You Think You Are Worthless. 
-You Try So Hard To Get Him Back. 
-But, No Matter What, he Will Be Apart Of Your Heart. Forever..</3</3

In A Boys Life...

-You Find An Easy Target. 
-You Say Everything she Wants To Hear. 
-You Have her Wrapped Around Your Finger. 
-Then You Change Your Mind. 
-You Send HER Mixed Signals. 
-You Make HER Feel Not Good Enough. 
-You Ignore Her.. 
-You Stop Give Reply Her.. 
-And Then You Sit Back And Watch Her Fall 
Apart Until You Find Your Next Victim..
Guys GIRLS Are Not Toy Please Stop Playing With Her Feelings.

No offence but this is total nonsense. . . We are now in the 21st Century & in Britain only. . . I can tell you that girls here, British Girls all races, colour, gender etc. The whole British women etc. 

They are not like this at all, yes the guys will be guys, so WHAT. But the girls are not innocent here. Sorry but I have test tried them all, regardless of race, colour gender etc. I am after true love & in God's will I hope I have found her.

No she is not British. She is a Christian from another country. Another thing, I am a spiritual person, so I am not here to offend anyone, I am a Human being like all of you, I do not Judge as Judgement Day will come & you will all see the 21st girls/women waiting to be Judged.

Not all girls are the same, but truth of the matter is that, no matter what country you live in.  The fact remains is that every country has different laws, different acceptance to life as we 'The Western Countries' see life to the other countries across the globe.

Do not let anyone tell you any different, be in the know & hopefully you too will find what you are seeking in life.

Peace & One Love ~ Prince Raj