Monday, 3 November 2014

R.I.P Ann Maguire

It is my duty to tell the public what an awful tragedy it is after hearing about Ann Maguire, I didn't want to attend the hearing because I didn't want to be part of the media & didn't want to intrude the hearing as a concerned citizen. 

After reading the Huffington Post coverage of what the killer said really did make my hair stand, I just want to give my peace & say this was an awful tragedy & Ann was taken too soon. 

I am shaken by what's been done & said, I cannot come to terms of what he has done, I cannot even dare to think like him when I was 16, yes it was tough but never ever did think like teenagers of today's society. 

I feel for the family members, life will not be the same, but as a concerned citizen living in Leeds, I pray for you, I pray that you'll know that she'll always be looking over you & that she knows how much she was & still is loved by many & the City of Leeds too. 

My heart & soul goes to the ones effected. 

Peace & One Love ~ Raj