Friday, 19 December 2014

Life As I See It - 19th Dec 2014

"I've come to terms with what I have, this very moment that is. 

As I said before, I may not have it all right now, but who am I to be so selfish & so needy than those who have limited things in life. 

I am truly grateful to have a wonderful family, my immediate family, my true friends who I love & cherish truly. 

I couldn't have loved so many people without having so much to grasp, so much to learn from in life. 

Sometimes your ahead, sometimes your behind, but most of the time I'm following what I want in life. A dream, an enjoyable future that I'll have no more stress-worries. 

The Almighty is always there, no matter what, I respect what I have right now, never took granted of the things I have in life. But one day I'll do so much more than count how many zeros I got in the bank. 

Once they add up, that's the day I'll be helping & giving more back to the people who need it the most. 

Like The Big Issue Foundation & many other charities that try & do their very best doing right in the world we live in today. I have seen the corruption first hand & I know what the governments are like. Which is why I turn a blind eye on TV & the corrupted BBC that I do not pay for. 

But enough about that, I am grateful for who I am & grateful that I am no longer with those people who drain my energy, from now my energy will go into the people within my circle & my circle is unique & I am glad that you are part of it.

2015 is about a new beginning, enough of the old past, it is time for me to rise & shine & touch many lives. I am not fake nor do I want to be like any idols here today in this life. The ones I look up to is  John F. KennedyMuhammad Ali & my personal best Nelson Mandela along with Stephen Hawking. These are the people who are real & care about the people in many ways. Anyone else is just a copy from these people who first witnessed hatred, racism, slavery, corruption & indifferences.

These people tried to change the world in many ways, & because of these people that once were here & when they had the ability to talk as it was, there are no words of how I understand them, maybe not so much with Stephen but that don't mean I am going to be ignorant about what he says about the Universe as it is today.

Take another look at what some of us have in life, & yes we may not have it all right now, but just be thankful & grateful for what we have, because when we go from here, we cannot take anything to the other side. Remember That People."

Peace & One Love ~ Raj