Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Truth From A Young Man In England

To my fellow friends in England, especially in England. 

You know what I say is NOT directed to all people in England, but when you come from a background of racial hatred even in the workplace, I can really say the past was really difficult to overcome. 

Kept telling my MPs & the police about Racial Hatred is on a rise but they thought it's just me & not valid. Yet here comes the truth, racial discrimination is on a high rise, but why does it matter if the British Army invaded Asia & murder many civilians & now we see False Flags because they want to invade more Eastern countries. 

It's all about greed & who has the power of balls. Well in all fairness, it's not the west that has the balls, it's actually the Eastern countries. 

To my fellow people, I'll love you till the very end, but as for me coming & living in a city where an Asian guy cannot work within the 

Jewellery, Banks, HMV, Jessops, Fatsos, Greggs, Starbucks, list is endless you'll never see the ethnic minority working here, not because they don't want to, that's false because I've tried, & I can tell you it's because I'm Asian. They may have one Asian, to cover their sorry asses & prove they aren't racist! But one Asian compared to the thousands living in England without a job is no joke! 

Just a regular dude, trying to make a living. But thanks to organisations out there that do believe in equality, that's the place I'll be.  Like a family workplace & do I miss that each day. 

I'm angry 
I'm frustrated 
I'm not in anyway against the true English people. 

Just a few who make it worse for the rest. 

~ Raj